Thursday, 28 April 2016

How to crack Personal interview (PI).

The most tricky and difficult round that students face before getting admission into top business college is the ‘Personal Interview’ round. We can say that it is the most significant and last key component for selection process by the top B- college. A personal interview is aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately - assessing the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the 'fit' with the B-school. It provides the admission committee of a b-school to evaluate students interpersonal and soft skills. Interview discussions generally involve questions on personal goals, work experience, academics, hobbies and current affairs. During the interview, having clarity of thoughts is far more important than answering these questions. So striking a good balance among the various areas should be the objective of one’s interview preparation. Knowing yourself is the most important part of interview preparation. It is not acceptable if a candidate cannot answer questions based on his/her own personality. It would give an impression of an immature or “self – unaware” person. A candidate hence needs to do a lot of soul searching on questions like: “Why you want to do this course? Strengths and Weaknesses, long term/ short term goals. If a person is working for more than six months then questions on work experience will play a role during interview. The obvious areas of questioning are work profile, projects, organization chart of company and where a person fit in. One should be able to give some examples of team work and leadership from employment. Also if a person is working for less than 2 years then he or / she is still supposed to remember some aspects of their education. One need not to study everything, but should know the basics of all the subjects that they have studied. A good barometer would be curriculum till higher secondary. Ideally, having hobbies can really make interviews quite interesting as they can clearly make a distinction between you and the rest. Not having a hobby is certainly negative; but worse is getting grilled for a cited hobby when you do not have one. General Knowledge can be a really vast topic. Common knowledge like the capital of some countries should be known. On a whole one needs to be systematic regarding their preparation, make a check list of what they do not know and work with it. If one is organized, he or she will definitely perform well in their interview.
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