Sunday, 17 April 2016

3 questions that an MBA aspirant should ask FROM the B-School interview panel.
Yes, you read it right! The next couple of months would be such that most of the MBA aspirants seeking admission in a quality B-School would be spending hours on the internet searching for possible questions that they might be facing when they have a faceoff with the interview panel at the school of their choice. Obviously the target would be to present the best answers to each of their possible questions and that is why this pre-preparation is done. There are also a plethora of websites that offer “101 interview questions” type deal to crack that interview you have been looking forward to since long. But this article is about those questions that YOU might be interested to ask from the interview panel just before you say good bye to them after they are done with their set of interview questions.
Question#1  How will the b-school help you achieve your goal? – Remember that as such b-schools have a lot to tell you about their achievements, placements, alumni, faculty etc. during the short orientation session that they organize on the day you visit their premises but getting to know specifically how a b-school helps in realizing your individualistic career goals would be interesting to ask from the panelists. This type of a question really gives the feel to the panelists that you are interested in getting education in that b-school.
Question#2  What are the b-school’s future plans and mission? (with regard to the area of specialization that you are seeking to pursue) – You can very well inquire about what are the b-school’s plans to develop the area of specialization that you are interested to pursue. For example, if you wish to pursue international business stream as your specialization, what are the future academic goals and agendas on board set by the college committee?
Question#3  How did education in the b-school affect the careers of alumni in past? – This is also one of the questions that can be asked from the panel. It is a very relevant question whereby the b-school will have to answer it to the real core and present some testimonials for your satisfaction and you can very well contact the same alumni later to get more in-depth details about the b-school’s education and other aspects of interest.
In any case an interviewee should ask questions when given a chance because that shows how interested are you in knowing about the institute and its offerings. The last 5-10% time of the interview session is really important. Usually interviewee aspirant does not show any interest in asking questions from the panel and some even think that the panel might feel offended if they are counter-questioned. But that not true. Even the panelists are willing to answer your questions to the best of their capability to make the candidates feel good about the institute. At Asia Pacific Institute of Management it is the utmost effort of the faculty and panelists to satisfy all the related queries of the aspirants and to make them feel comfortable and confident with their choice of institute and subjects/streams of specialization.

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