Thursday, 14 April 2016

Replacing Group Discussion with Written Ability Test
The new trend in admission process of best MBA colleges, have raised debate about Group Discussion vs. Written Ability Test. To understand this debate deeply, it is important to be aware of the logic behind both of these. The idea behind Group Discussion or GD was to observe the group behavior of the aspirants. The colleges wanted to determine whether an aspirant can work in a team or not as students are expected to work in team during their studies and later in their career as management professional. It is also an important criterion for the companies to select students during the campus placement. Apart from group dynamics, GD can also test communication skill, content and leadership skills. But GD has its own drawbacks. Quite often the discussion becomes a fish market with everyone trying to speak. One or two members dominate the discussion.  People with flashy personality come across as stars whereas people with content most often do not get chance to speak. Sometimes participants easily digress from the topic and instead of exploring new aspects of the topic they pick each-others’ ideas and express them in different words.
The Written Ability Test or WAT requires you to pen down your thoughts on a topic in 20 minutes. This test attempts to observe the structure and coherence of your thoughts. It also examines the thought process and expression of the candidate. It also sees the content in its completeness rather than just noticing one good thought spoken before everyone. Now with this change, the students need to work on their writing skills while preparing for their entrance exams. Making notes on contemporary topics can them putting their thought in more structured form. This will also improve their writing ability. 

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