Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why you should not to do an MBA

Every profession has some myths attached to it and an MBA degree is no exception to it. With salaries of management professionals making headlines people associate it with easy money.  This article tries to dispel some of the myths attached to the management. The article attempts to help you get your notions right before going for a management degree. So here are three reasons why you should not do an MBA
1) If you are looking for an Easy Entry to a good college
 – A management degree is not an easy thing to achieve. Starting from entrance exams of good MBA colleges to their Group discussions and Personal interviews makes you go through fierce competition. Then the pressure of two years of course works, assignments, projects, group dynamics, and other activities test your mettle.  Then the placements season examines you for your efforts to live up to the expectations of the companies. The job afterwards has its own hurdles.
2) If you want Very high salary at the beginning of your career without any hard work
– As they say nothing comes without sweat, same goes for Management professional. You have to prove your worth to get any decent amount.  Not everyone gets extraordinary packages. Depending on your capability, knowledge and hard work you get salaries. Only show-off will take you nowhere. If you do not perform this sector is can be a difficult place to be.
3) If you want Plush offices, elite people & easy job
– A management job requires you to be in touch with the ground realities. This can’t be done without going out of your comfort zone. Most often companies want you to go to dealers, distributors or frontline people to understand the nitty-gritty of the business. You have to first understand people before you lead them. You have to soil your hands at the ground to make it big in the profession.
The above points are not to de-motivate you from following your dream but it is to make you understand your passion and put in your heart & soul into it. The journey of management profession is tough and requires hard work, dedication and commitment. But this sector certainly has pay-offs. It can offer you the best experiences, power to change the course of history and influence the life of millions.
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