Thursday, 28 April 2016

Campus Placements: The Truth of the Situation.

Many B-schools become lenient toward their admission criteria while admitting students for their PGDM or MBA courses. The logic behind this choice is that the atmosphere at college, the peer group learning, the teachers and the experts will transform the student. Little they realize the truth of an old proverb that ‘you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink it’. Consequentially, these seemingly good B-schools get good companies coming to their campuses but can’t get the 100 percent placement. The biggest huddle is the not the academics but the attitude of the students.

Once admitted to a good MBA college, students start thinking that they are entitled for a wonderful career and hefty pay package without realizing the responsibility they have to shoulder in order to get to this dream of great job. Their attitude toward the course work, assignments and overall learning becomes careless. This not only becomes a cause of degradation in their skill set but it also stops them in learning new things.
As a student one should realize that a MBA college can give you opportunities of learning, growth and a good career in the form of course work, teachers and job interviews. But utilizing those opportunities for your betterment is your responsibilities. The dream jobs even at the best b-schools in India require extra-ordinary efforts. Students have to put in their heart & soul in improving and refining themselves. Very few people get this kind of opportunity of growth and if you are amongst them, please make its full use by your dedication, hard work, sincerity and discipline.

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