Sunday, 17 April 2016

How to make the most out of your MBA degree
Prevailing is the season of choice, the choice of programs, disciplines and specialization streams. Doing a business management degree course is one of the choices that almost every graduate thinks about and evaluates at least once during this time of his life. A business management degree undoubtedly provides you with the plethora of skills and aptitude that a successful future business leader needs. It provides you with a vision of a thriving tomorrow. It endows you with the power to imagine yourself as being able to command a promising future and career. But not all who undertake this course make up to be leaders. It takes something more than just occupying a seat in a good business school and attending the lectures and submitting assignments on time. Hereunder are enumerated some of the very vital requirement which a business school student should fulfill in order to make the most out of his/her management degree.

1)    Curiosity to Absorb: an MBA student’s brain should work like a sponge during the two years of his business management degree. By this we mean that students must acquire as much as they can by the means of observation, adaptation and curiosity to acquire and retain knowledge. In a degree course like that of MBA students are not always expected to be buried under books and lecture notes. But they are expected to have their eyes and senses always open to new facts, happenings and incidents around them. It is therefore necessary that they keep their curiosity quotient to be above the average mark.
2)    Read your way to success: in this age of computers, laptops and mobiles, reading the conventional books and journals has been something that students often forget. But, in fact reading is a very easy way to learn not only about the recent developments around you but it also helps in developing strong writing and speaking skills. Reading also helps a lot while learning business communication and writing official transcripts.
3)    Recreation without technology: as I said earlier that mobiles and technology has been so much into our life these days that students never think of doing something that does not involve technology. I would suggest that students should make time to be with themselves for some time each day. That helps a lot to rethink their way of taking things. They should realize that ultimately they will have to face and lead their world by themselves. So why not make most out of these two years to rethink the way they have been till date.
4)    Self development is the key: two years of the MBA degree course should be taken as training period by the students. In fact, business management degree is not about learning something out of the world. It is about developing perspective through learning and training. For students who are from commerce background, some subjects that are taught during the two years seem to be more of reinforcement of what they have already learnt in graduation and senior high school. But the key to learning in MBA lies in application and reinforcement of the concepts earlier learnt.

Apart from the points mentioned earlier, it is important that regular and guest lectures, industry visits and field visits should be taken sincerely by the students. After all the more you sweat, the more you learn. The phenomena of learning are the most celebrated ones at Asia Pacific Institute of Management. APIM is the most sought after name in management education in India. Here education is made as enjoyable as possible by friendly and learned faculty. Hope to see you soon at the next GD PI session.

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