Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion or GD alongside with Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) has been regarded as one of the most important tools to select candidates for the MBA program. Several B-Schools and Management Institutes conduct GD rounds to test the communication skills of the students. Thus, along with WAT and PI, student should prepare for GD as well.

Group Discussion (GD) is basically a methodology that is used to evaluate a candidate whether he or she has certain personality traits such as clarity of thought, communication including listening skills, ability to critically evaluate and ability to interact in a group. In this methodology, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about the topic, and then asked to discuss the same among themselves for 15-20 minutes. The examiners then evaluate the candidates on the basis of certain parameters, that includes
·        Interactive Skills (how good a student is at communication with other people)
·        Behavior (how open-minded a student is in accepting views contrary to your own)
·        Participation of a student in the GD
·        Contribution to the topic of discussion.
B-school conduct GDs to find out whether candi­dates possess the qualities that are essential to become an effective manager. The rationale behind this exer­cise is that when a group of human beings are given a task to accomplish within an unknown and unstructured situation, they will try to accomplish it in a structured way. In this way, they will reveal some of their leadership qualities. Some B-schools organize a case discussion instead of a simple group discussion. A case-study is based on a real-life situation of a person, group, or situation that can be studied over time, and for these types of discussion the candidates need to apply their knowledge to get the best possible solution.
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