Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to select Best B School?

Getting utmost education is the aim of every aspirant. However, to attain this aim it is necessary for a student to select his/her B-School carefully. Sometimes important factors for attaining education are ignored which becomes disastrous for students in the upcoming future. Studying for a management program requires a huge investment of time, money and energy, so it is crucial to ensure the choice of programme and business school meets the desired needs.

 Before making any final choice, one should visit the campus to get a sense of the culture and atmosphere and to see whether he/she would fit in. Talk to students, professors and alumni who work in jobs one is aiming for. Look at the profile of students in terms of professional experience, cultural background and gender, as classmates can also contribute to learning and form part of the network. Taking a long-term view, find out how active and widespread the alumni group is. Alumni can provide valuable careers information and advice and can help raise funds for that start-up one can have in mind. 
Asia Pacific Institute of Management for example, has alumni in more than 20 countries. “After a lot of considerations, eventually chose to be a part of AIM and today I am proud of being an AIM alumnus” says Garima Bhandari, Pursuing Doctoral Programme, South Carolina, USA. Moreover, students can also go through College Brand, promotional materials, placement records, training facilities, and published rankings. In the whole NCR, APIM is the only institute which provides summer internship to its students. At the end, it’s the future of a student which can be nourished in safe hands only. 

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