Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Those Were the Tough days of My Life!!

Being from the non commerce field I was in doubt whether MBA course is relevant to the people like me (non commerce background). Generally it is being said that only BBA/B.COM students go for MBA. Later on I realized that those people have an extra edge over other students as they are familiar with the subjects and the course outline. After doing a lot of research and counseling I got to know that majority of the population in MBA of any B schools are from engineering or non commerce fields. No matter what background are you from, “MBA would transform you life personally and professionally (heard many people saying)”.  After reading the course outline, I was intrigued and interested too which seemed to me a very philosophical subject. I decided to go for it and took admission.

 I thought the class would be easy. Though I attended the first week preparatory classes arranged for non commerce students but believe me everything gone above my head. Subjects like economics, Accounting, Financial Management were like alien to me. On the first day of class one of the professors told us, “This first semester of your life is going to be the worst and the most productive phase of your life.” we were supposed to cover almost ten exclusive subjects including assignments and presentations in three months (as the course was on trimester basis). My entire two years life in MBA revolved around PG, class and library. It was such a rigor course. Not only in first semester rather throughout the course, I had to think deeply about my failures, regrets, role models, motivations and aspirations. It was an exhausting exercise meant to make us aware of why we act the way we do. The end goal was to develop the positive character traits that every successful leader must embody, including integrity, courage, accountability and humanity.
After completing the course, when my Father questioned, “Do you feel transformed yet?” To which I replied: not entirely but I’m grateful to have started the journey.

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