Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tips for In-person interviews for MBA
This is a biggie. I have conducted scores of interviews of Delhi NCR and from other state candidates who have applied for admission to the Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, one of the leading b schoolsin Delhi NCR region – both in person and over Skype. You have worked so hard, spent so much time and money giving MAT, getting a good score, and then taking the effort to submit applications to the business schools you are targeting. You prepare day in and day out, do all kinds of research on the school, getting all sorts of insights from online forums, and preparing your speech, answers for possible questions – essentially, leaving no stone unturned to make the best impression you possibly can, put the best foot forward, so to speak. But yet sometimes the results are not favorable. You do all the hard work that is required but miss out on some basic aspects during an interview which drastically affects the outcome of the results. Following are some minor yet important points which need to be considered before you appear for an in-person interview or a Skype interview.

1. Don’t be late: inform in advance about the circumstances if beyond your control to the concerned authorities.
2. Dress in business formals: do we go out without a tie for a job interview? Or do we wear casuals for formal events? NO!! Then why not dress properly for B schools interview which is no different from a job interview or a formal event.
3. Have a good body language: Don’t slouch; don’t shake your head and legs randomly while sitting. It shows lack of confidence and a sign of nervousness. Get rid of It.
4. Eye contact during conversation is essential
5. Don’t talk about how smart you are or how intelligent you are in an interview     doesn’t bode well for the outcome.
6. Strike up a conversation and engage the interviewer but don’t force it for the sake of doing so.
7. Please, no crying in an interview

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