Friday, 6 May 2016

A Typical Day in the Life of a PGDM Student!!
I woke up at 7:15 today so I had to miss my morning exercise. I got to get ready really fast and had a quick bite for breakfast as I had to reach for my class starting at 9 am sharp. This ‘sales & distribution’ class had a very strict teacher who doesn’t allow anyone to be late even by 5 minutes. Class went-off well except in the last half-an-hour when we got the assignment to calculate the sales force for a particular business. I must admit mathematics is not my forte so I really had a challenging time there. A degree in Humanities has its limitations. My friends, Sumit & Sneha helped me to get a grip of it.
In the very next class I repaid them by helping them with the class assignment given by our ‘business communication’ teacher. My English major has its own advantages. Though the format of writing in business is slightly different than usual but a command on language certainly gives you an edge.
Next was the lunch time. Howsoever good is the food at canteen, it can never compete with Mom-made food. So you are bound to miss home during lunch time. But the paucity of time and pressure of completing the presentation before the next class doesn’t allow you to think much. In those 45 minutes of lunch I prepared for the presentation and squeezed a 10 minutes lunch in between.
In the subsequent class we had lots of discussion related to the assignment presented by my team. Working on team assignments is extremely difficult. Good B-schools have students from diverse backgrounds which makes it even more difficult. You have to convince your team mates about the course of action you want to take or sometimes change your own thinking as per their advice. You have to put team’s interest above your own. Fortunately, my team had good coordination; together we could make a nice presentation. They entrusted me to present our ideas. I was very nervous at the starting of the presentation but as it progressed I felt relaxed. This helped me in organizing my thoughts and answering the queries efficiently. Last class of the day had a shock for us. A surprise test was announced by our finance teacher. Though the questions were not tough but it really tested our attentiveness in the class. I think I will pass in this one.
After the formal classes finished, I had my entrepreneurship club’s meeting at the evening tea about the activity calendar.

 We have to plan our activities and circulate the activity calendar so that the other clubs don’t plan their activities on the same day. Activity planning is a difficult thing due to the busy schedule of the students. As soon as our meeting got over I had to run for practice of the up-coming college fest. I have to anchor the show so I am deeply involved in the preparations these days.
After a hectic day, a football match in the hostel ground is the most refreshing thing. Then bath & dinner, before sitting for finishing tomorrow’s college assignments. When I finished those assignments I decided to pen down my day before I sleep. Its 2am but still I feel so energized with the thought that I am making most of my two years at my MBA program. In a good MBA college time management is the key to success. You learn to handle the pressure of corporate life if you have learnt to handle your assignments during your B-school stint.

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