Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sharpening the Entrepreneurial Skills

Asia-Pacific Institute, an MBA College in Delhi NCR, has been continuously evolving over the years by pursuing and inculcating several innovative ways of teaching, learning and experience-sharing by industry experts. This MBA College firmly believes in making future business leaders.

Inspired and fascinated by novel business opportunities. Institution together with highly motivated students and its trained faculty, remains focused on understanding how novel opportunities can be identified, developed and commercialized. Various offered by the institution are structured to develop student’s passion for innovation & bring out entrepreneur in every student.

India’s entrepreneurial state has flourished rapidly in the past few years. In the Indian market, entrepreneurship-led economic growth is more comprehensive and is sure to act as a crucial catalyst to create employment. Anticipating promising figures and growth  and to keep the entrepreneurial spirit of every student elated  this business school, Asia Pacific started its own E-Cell (Entrepreneur Cell) which aims at paving way for budding business leaders to a much stronger entrepreneurial journey.

 Asia Pacific has tailored its PGDM courses to encourage entrepreneurial skill sets right from day one of graduation. Opportunity evaluation, risk taking, raising and leveraging resources, communications, and sales are survival skills which are conscientiously imbibed through an intensive industry vetted curriculum of institute. Students are given opportunities to practice these skills in the relatively safe and stress-free environment of an academic institute. Primary objective of E-Cell is to train the future mangers in such a way that they look beyond the job & are capable of creating jobs for other by starting their own ventures which will have higher chances of success.

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