Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Exploring Your Hidden Talent

1.      Before you opt for full time MBA course from any reputed B-School it is important to know yourself. This is the stepping stone to your career. Knowing yourself would help to improve on certain aspects.

2.      Thumb Rule:
3.      Understanding yourself better:  You need to give time to yourself & do introspection. Knowing yourself in terms of:

4.      Ability you possess

5.      Ability you like to develop

6.      Area of Interest

7.      Strongest skills

8.      Following tools would help identifying your hidden talent

9.      Looking Inward: Dive deep into your personality & identify your core interest, values & skills. Get into a small exercise:

10.  What makes you unique: Analyze what makes you stand out, what is the best thing you cherish about yourself

11.  Accomplishment List:  Work on the small achievements of your past. Read it often, shall give you the way forward

12.  Visualize your future: Visualize your work station, kind of work place you want to work for. This would help you decide the best MBA Placement Business School.

13.  Find out right Career Counselor: Talk to various counselors, ask for the best that  their B-School offers, Placement that they offer, Best placement ever done, Companies that visit for recruitment

14.   Before you get set go for the best MBA course & best placements analyze your hidden talent &

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