Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Communicate Effectively

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Communication plays a very important role in getting the best placement. It is the process of conveying your message to the receiver & making him understand exactly what you aim at. There are many barriers to communication which lead to the message becoming distorted leading to misunderstanding.  Effective communication involves overcoming the Primary Barriers like:

Use of slan
    Lack of attention towards the receiver
  Difficulty in understanding the complicated accents    
   Intonation of speech 
  Geographical barriers

 Thumb Rule:

       Every good conversation starts with a good listening. Encourage the speaker  to  speak  more,     by       nodding, maintaining eye contact, making him feel comfortable. 

      Once you have listened well, analyze, form your opinion.

       Compose your thoughts; take a moment’s break before responding. Make sure you are crisp while  delivering & do not deviate from the subject. At times excessive speaking opens door to unnecessary discussions.

      While communicating, make it as simple as possible. Basic principle says “Keep it Simple & Straightforward”.  Do not use long sentences. Take accurate pauses.

       Don’t let your past failures affect your communication. Express yourself in a clear & audible voice

Make communication your biggest strength & no one can stop you getting the best Placement.

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