Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Sharpen your Personality

pgdm collegeAsia-Pacific Institute of Management College an MBA college in Delhi firmly believes in all- round personality development of future business leaders. Personality is the reflection of one’s inherent qualities primarily the pattern of thinking, intelligence, creativity, knowledge and behavior that make a person unique. In short, personality is defined as “First Inside then Outside”.
During 2 years PGDM course faculty also focuses on external personality of a student. Corporate grooming is done like the dressing sense, presentation, smartness & reaction in public. Both the personalities go hand in hand but major being the Inherent qualities that is the qualifying factor for anybody’s overall personality. Good personality is imperative more than good looks.

 Be Yourself: An original is always worth more than a copy. Taking inspiration from others & improvising is better than losing your own identity. 

 Be Confident: Nothing can be more appealing in your personality than an incredible confidence. Do the assigned job dedicatedly & have faith 
 Read often: Well informed & well read people have more ideas & thoughts. Read articles in the newspaper loudly. This helps in communicating fluently. 

 Be a Listener: “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Maintain a direct eye contact and do not get distracted by the surroundings.  

  Prepare a chart that mentions your strengths and weaknesses. Now concentrate on the latter and find ways to improve upon the same. Do not forget to strengthen your strengths.

Go by the thumb rule, nothing can stop you getting the best placement once you have completed your PGDM course. Never stop being creative. Nothing is bigger than the joy of creative satisfaction.

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