Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How To Take Charge of Your Career

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Gone are the times when parents use to decide the career of their children, now the trend is reversed. It’s the child who is in charge of his overall professional development.

After completing full time MBA course from any reputed B-School student should focus on their skills, interest & then decide the kind of organization they want to work for. Unlike past years, many organizations have got rid of the contractual jobs, wherein employees used to sign a bond for number of years. Now every organization be it small or large or new or mature strives to stay competitive thereby innovating at an ever-increasing rate of speed.

As an MBA post graduate what one really needs to look into is:

Thumb Rule
      Developing on skills to stay Competitive: One must be updated with latest developments happening around in terms of technological advances, globalizations, emerging entrepreneurs & their ways. This helps in widening the perspective & also helps in honing the skills for better tomorrow. As an MBA graduate you can easily play a proactive role in these changing times by constantly clarifying your goals, learning for the same & taking much needed steps towards new available opportunities.

     Career lattice thinking & not ladder thinking: This relates to thinking out of box. Unlike old school of thought that “Boss is always right   or my boss has all the answers one should focus on “I with my colleagues can find out the solution.” Thinking is “The longer I stay at the company, the more rewards I’ll receive.”  Lattice thinking says “The more I improve my learnings, contributions, performance, the more rewards, I will receive.

   Strategic Approach towards career: As an MBApost graduate you should have the value of your skills & interests.  For a career development one should regularly update skills this would help in becoming valuable to your company hence shaping your career development entirely up to you.

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