Wednesday, 9 December 2015

How to Succeed in the Job Interview
After completing the PGDM course from AICTE affiliated MBA College a student is definitely on a look out for the best job available. To secure a job one has to undergo an interview. Thus being successful in any interview is a ladder to career development. For success in an interview one should be confident of his abilities, experience & make an impressive start.

Thumb Rule:

1.      Research on the company’s background & its different ventures if any 

2.      Justifying your role  &  your contribution in company’s growth

3.      Working on probable industry related questions

4.      Handling unexpected questions without a frown. 

5.      It is perfect to admit that you do not know the answer instead of assuming or making guesses.

6.      Keep a check on your body language & have a regular eye contact

7.      Addressing the interviewer by his name, shows your confidence & adds to your overall performance

8.      Have a firm handshake

9.      Ability to take interviewer through your CV & how you have progressed over the years

10.  Always do a mock interview in front of mirror. This certainly would boost your confidence.
We wish you a happy & a confident interview….Go ahead turn your dreams into reality.

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