Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why Management is of fundamental importance today.
We are living in the society of organizations. Organizations have pervaded all parts of our lives. They range from business organizations, education, hospitals, semi-public and public organizations, NPOs, and so on. They are the organs of modern society – hence society is dependent on the quality of its organizations. For organizations to function they need to have means to achieve their purpose. This is where management comes in – without proper management the organizations cannot achieve their purpose. It is quite obvious for businesses, but equally clear for education institutions, hospitals, research organizations and public sector bodies.
University based Business School and independent institutions sprang up everywhere. The emerging discipline of management included various elements such as operations, human resources, strategy, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. General management and increasingly specialized disciplines took on an accelerated development, which can be measured by the number of books, scientific articles and management conferences.
In order to attain sustainable growth, high performing organizations are needed in all parts of society. This means that organizations need to be better managed towards achieving a higher degree of value creation by innovating in all fields of their activity: providing products and services that meet the needs of customers and hence of society but also innovating in the way they operate.  As an example of sustainability creativity and innovation has been emerging as a key subject during the past few years. India’s best B-schools and other management institutes have done significant work to produce good managers, and good business leaders who can help companies in attaining a sustainable competitive advantage.
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