Thursday, 17 March 2016

Management Degree: A Pandora’s Box of Questions.

When looking for a degree in management, we often encounter multiple questions. Most often wonder which MBA college to choose or what course to opt for or is PGDM better than MBA degree. These questions motivate us to seek advices from people who have knowledge of this area. Many times we do not have knowledgeable people around us whom we can consult. This blog tries to address these types of basic queries related to MBA education.
Best mba college

·        First consider the dilemma of choosing a college. It is one of the most important questions to be asked before deciding about the options. Good MBA colleges  give you benefit of not only infrastructure and knowledgeable teachers but it also provides the opportunity of excellent pear learning. The factors which should be considered for choosing best management college can be named as location, placement, faculty profile, and fitment with your aptitude & caliber. Feedbacks from alumni of that college are very helpful in taking decision about the college.
·        The course can be chosen on the basis of your personality, temperament and your interest for a long term career. This decision has a significant impact in a successful career ahead.
·        For comparison between PGDM & MBA, it is important to assess to the reasons for acquiring these qualifications. If it is an additional qualification which will facilitate in your existing career then MBA may be a good option. But if you want update and usable knowledge then a PGDM will serve you better. Accreditation given by AIU makes PGDM equivalent to MBA degree for all practical purposes. 
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