Friday, 11 March 2016

Role of B-Schools in Entrepreneurship Development.
Entrepreneurship is living a life of your own like most people won’t, so that you can spend your life link no one else can. Entrepreneurship is the professional application of knowledge, skills and competencies of monetizing a new idea by an individual or a set of people by launching an enterprise. Entrepreneurship is a need for a developing economy like India as 60-80% jobs are gained from small startups. Thus, B School are considered most appropriate nursery of shaping and developing management graduates for entrepreneurship who possess integrity and ethical standards. Going to business school to be an entrepreneur can help students channel their creativity, participate in business plan competitions, earn an MBA and launch a business. Would-be entrepreneurs can learn everything they need to know by jumping right in, the story goes. And when a difficulty presents itself, one need look no further than the startup community in which he or she exists.

Whatever problem, there’s probably someone nearby that can help — that is, if that person is reachable. Business schools are slowly adapting to demand, though, and offering more entrepreneurship courses and resources for aspiring business owners. With the right program, an aspiring entrepreneur can learn quite a bit in preparation for building out a company. B- schools can aid students in the process of understanding and appreciating the contexts in which they will operate. They also help to refine and enhance an individual’s understanding of his/her own leadership potential. Such potential is not only to win or earn profit but also to create employment for others in the economy. India is ranked at the third number after US and China for its education system. Taxi for sure, Flipkart,, Bluegape, Snapdeal, are few examples of them. So enroll in India’s Best B schools and be an entrepreneur instead of employee.
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