Friday, 25 March 2016

Sharpening your entrepreneurial skills.
Top MBA College

Till last decade, a degree in management meant a sure shot entry to a corporate job with enviable packages & AC offices. Nobody in his ‘right’ frame-of-mind would have related entrepreneurship to management education. But now the scenario is changing and it is changing fast. Students from best b-schools are leaving their plush placements and opting for starting-up on their own. They want to be job-creators rather than job-seekers. For these students, converting their dreams into reality and making it big in business world has become an indicator of success.
This has also motivated best MBA college to shift their focus on entrepreneurship education. Some of the best colleges are offering specialization in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can be taught or not is a topic of debate but creating a favorable mind-set can easily be attributed to education. Appreciation for the courage, to start something of own, can be inculcated through exposure to the lives of exemplary entrepreneurs.
Apart from education best B-schools in India are also offering deferred placement options. Deferred placement gives the liberty to students to start their venture just after the course and in case if they do not succeed they can come back and sit for placement interviews. Many MBA colleges encourage students to start campus companies. A campus company means a set-up started by student (s) during their stint at the b-school only. In this, along with their studies, they offer certain services, generate revenue and also gather first-hand experience of business. All across the country management colleges are establishing incubation to support start-ups.
Government is also increasing its attention to entrepreneurs and creating a nurturing eco-system for their growth. All this along with increasing inclination of today’s youth is prophesying the bright future of entrepreneurship in India with key role played by our business schools

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