Wednesday, 17 February 2016

B-Schools? A bachelors hub or a growth point?
When we look at the newspapers and magazines a buzz word comes “B-School”. What is this B-School? Why one needs to go there when he/she had already been through school. How can it, nurture one’s career? These questions come out of the mind immediately and the answer lies either in the placement results or the rankings of this B-School. Basically a B-School is a management institute which offers specialized or customized courses catering the needs of the corporate world. These management institutes are in-sync with the demands of the industries in terms of talent. The people who complete their PGDM from these A, B, or C class, B-Schools get placed in the industry and apply their knowledge and skills for the growth and up liftment of the organization. This is how B-Schools are the mediators between job seekers and job providers.

 Such institutes take graduates, masters, job executives, educate and train them and after the necessary polishing they place them in their desired jobs. There are various categories assigned to B-Schools. A class, B class, or C class. A class is like IIMS, XLRI, MDI, IMT or a premier management institutes. B class like Asia-Pacific Institute of Management and Jaipuria. They inject positivity, confidence, growth aspects among the new budding professionals so that they can create and innovate in the organization. As creativity and innovation are the key words for attaining a sustainable competitive advantage of the organizations. Thus, B-Schools are necessary in education sector to promote growth and development in the economy as a whole.
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