Friday, 29 January 2016

What is the better option to opt for: MBA or PGDM

The dilemma that roots in the minds of candidates is whether to go for a University recognized MBA-degree or a full time PGDM course to be able to become part of a promising management career! It depends on a lot of factors such as entrance exams (CAT, MAT, XAT), Group discussions, Personal interviews, Work experience, academic performance etc.
Both MBA and PGDM are popular courses pursued by a large number of students in India. It largely depends on the perspectives of individuals to ascertain which one to give more weightage. While the curriculum for MBA is designed by Universities, PGDM course curricula are determined by the relevant Institutes. Many private Institutes do not accept recognitions from universities so that they can develop an industry-specific working syllabus. This gives them an opportunity to keep their course up to date. On the other hand, an MBA degree must follow all the regulations set by the higher authorities and implementing changes into the syllabus depends on the University Council. So whether to opt for an MBA degree or PGDM, the decision varies from person to person. Also in the ever-changing dynamics of today's management environment, it is important for a person to determine which course can provide them a sustainable career and make them industry ready. Hence, figure out what your goals are, where you want to stand a few years ahead- choose your options carefully. If someone is willing to pursue an MBA degree by correspondence, then a full time PGDM is a better option. On the other hand, if someone wants to go for a management degree from a Central University or a State University, then an MBA degree will have more advantage.
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